About us


Samuel Ronquillo grew up on the border, in El Paso, Texas. There, he witnessed firsthand the injustices resulting from a complicated and unfair immigration system. This inspired Samuel to pursue a career in law. Since then, he has dedicated his entire to career in fighting for immigrant rights and for those who usually do not have a voice. His work includes helping people remain in this country as well as representing people who have suffered injuries from an auto accident. With honest and kindhearted communication, Samuel has helped our Colorado communities feel safer by proving them with the honest and competent legal representation.


Sophia Pelecanos has been working at Ronquillo Law Firm for the last five years and is currently attending law school. Sophia is passionate about helping people accomplish their dreams. Outside of work Sophia is an activist fighting for human rights. Sophia has been part of the Boulder Police Oversight Taskforce Committee helping bring racial equality to our police force. Ronquillo Law firm is fortunate to have such bright talent managing all aspects of our law office.


Diana Montoya studied Mexican Law in Durango, Mexico, and worked as a public defender for more than five years. It was this career dedicated to service where Diana found her path advocating for people who needed legal representation. When Diana moved to Colorado, she found a resilient, hard working, and and proud Latin community that she eagerly became a part of. Working at the Ronquillo Law Firm, Diana finds herself fulfilling her passion once again, helping families to reunite, and opening possibilities to all of the immigrants looking to make a living in this country.


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